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Oh the lovely money I will save

If you are lucky enough not having to rationalise your YikeBike purchase, feel free to skip this blog post. If you happen to need to justify it either to yourself or a significant other, here are a few snippets.

  • The total cost of a YikeBike is about the same as the cost of just running a car for a year
  • The average cost of running your YikeBike on electricity for a month is less than a Big Mac meal. For the technically minded this assumes 20 km per day 5 days per week @ 20c/kWh and not up-sizing your Mac meal.
  • Slash your mortgage. I'm sure you've noticed how consistently expensive apartments in the central city or close to good train stations are. Well you can get one 3 times further away, still get home at the same time on your YikeBike and save thousands on your apartment. If you throw a party to celebrate your new found wealth feel free to send us an invitation....
  • How much do you pay for parking? How much do you like looking for parks and wandering around car parking buildings?
  • What is your time worth? I'm guessing most of you will not be lying on your death bed wishing you had spent more time stuck in traffic or sitting at home because getting out and about was just too much hassle

Given the compelling economics you really should buy two and double the, wait that only applies to lipstick and dresses on sale.....


Cool! It's a very cool news. I have a YikeBike. Really YikeBike is a very fantastic bike. It's save my time.

I also want to say this Yike Bike is very cool . i also have a YikeBike i love it ,

it would be nice if you could allow a person to pedal it and recharge the battery while pedaling. The pedaling could simply run a generator and not be mechanically linked to the drive train.

Does the Carbon & Fusion weigh the same??

The Fusion is about 3 kgs heavier.

Considering the price is quite hefty for urban environments where foot traffic & metro services like buses, trains, trams etc are cheap enough and allow for added benefit of 'personal time' during commute to & from work, your best offerings would be to niche markets until the price is balanced with public appeal.

Don't get me wrong, if money is no object there is NO denying the ingenuity and utility of the Yike but for most people $5K investments need some visible returns.
On that note, that may be your biggest hurdle as it may very well be that people enjoy the Yike far more than the inital expenditure but most customers especially in today's market are far too conservative to take that leap of faith.

Going back to niche markets, this would be an excellent offering for mass sales to Uni/College campuses whereupon they could be incorporated into rental packages for dorm students per semester.

Another idea would be corporate campuses as here in the US there are many companies, (Google,IBM,Capital One) that deliberately provide lush sprawling campuses for their employees and the Yike would be a good fit.

Ultimately to break into the business sector, you may find yourself offering rental kiosks/shops in business districts with an initial offering of deeply discounted month-trials and once having experienced as such, a chance to sign up and save for an annual or semi-annual rental memberships.

These are just a few of my brilliant ideas ;)
(conjured up as of now)
Feel free to use them and contact me if you like.

I do love the Yike and no, I can't afford it yet but I find it ingenious and wish your company the best.

You should reconsider the production of the Pedal version in terms of profitability. A much cheaper folded mini-farthing design will attract more customers worldwide than the electrical version

I like it ! Realy ingenious !!

With only a 10 km range, it would be nice if you could allow a person to pedal it and recharge the battery while pedaling. The pedaling could simply run a generator and not be mechanically linked to the drivetrain.

We may make a pedal assist version depending on demand. The very first versions were pedal only. Check out for more information on that.

The logic behind the relatively small range is explained more here

Love the bike!

For some free publicity you might try giving away
free rentals for a day in a hot spot like South Beach
probably get you lots of free publicity around world
especially since it's an international destination.

Also try free rentals for use at places like Disney World.
Lots of people get so tired walking around the amusement park.
This would be great to use to get around plus again ti's very
international so you'll get lots of free international publicity.

If these ideas get you millions of free publicity can I get a free bike?


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