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Top 10 reasons why the YikeBike is safer than a normal bike

It is generally accepted that bicycles are safe enough to use on the road so our focus was to make a vehicle that is safer than the normal bike. Here are 10 reasons why the YikeBike is safer than a normal bike:

  • Better visibility in traffic - the YikeBike's lights are on all the time and are visible from every angle and the rider is in a more upright position, meaning it is easier to see and be seen in traffic
  • Anti-skid brakes - not only is the braking better because you can't skid but there are no brake pads and cables that require maintenance
  • Speed limited - speed is another key factor in serious bicycle accidents and the YikeBike is limited to less than 25km/h
  • Built-in indicators - no need to take hands off handle bars and people from all angles can see you indicating
  • Better acceleration - it is not until you ride a YikeBike that you realise how much safer it feels having great acceleration. If something is coming towards you it is easy to turn the power on and get out of the way
  • No handle bars to get in the way in the event of a fast stop (see previous blog post)
  • Built-in lights - no risk of having your lights or batteries fail at night time
  • Safer for other road users - because the YikeBike is speed limited and only weighs 10 kg it is much less of a danger to other road users in a collision 
  • It has a distinctive noise - pedestrians and other cyclist can hear you coming (but much quieter than a motor bike)








I believe what we all tend to forget is that owning a YikeBike is a new lifestyle and therefore we should Yike it for all the reasons mentioned. It is the future we should all Yike!!! ;)

I understand that the range is about 6 miles. Is this with the lights on. Can the lights be switched off to extend the range? Can the battery pack be swapped easily? Potentially an excellent product.

We have the lights on all the time as an extra safety feature - they do not consume a lot of energy relative to moving you around. The battery will be able to be changed easily at the end of its life and we will have an additional battery pack that can be swapped in and out easily.

Maybe if you do not already have this, you can add a carrier hook / pin / latch, or some way for people to hook on a light weight collapsible 2 wheel carrier (you design several versions as an accessory) for groceries, luggage, tools, supplies, pet, etc)?

Is it easy to secure safely to a lamp post or whatever to leave outside while one has to go inside a crowded store? Perhaps the carry bag also as a large grommetted hole to pass a chain through the bike to secure it while resting or charging indoors?

Thanks for the suggestions - some are potentially on the drawing board. One of the real advantages of the YikeBike is that when we use it we never need to leave it outside - just fold and take with you (shoulder strap provided). If you do need to leave it outside you can use a normal lock.

I assume that the owner will be able to replace the batteries when the time comes. Have you determined the battery replacement cost yet?

Yes will be easy to replace. Have not determined pricing yet but testing has got over 1300 cycles which is 2-3 year and much better than normal lithium batteries.

I agree with the vast majority of others commenting on your invention. It is really awesome! Have added my email to the list and looking forward to hearing more about it coming to the states.

I love your concept. A suggestion: We have a large airshow-flyin in Florida In April that lasts for about a week. It would be a great place to showcase the Yike. Over 100,000 visitors and hundreds of aircraft builders, Cant wait to see and try it out.

Excellant concept which is shown through the clever attention to detail.
Here in Queensland the maximum electrical output for a non-registerable bicycle is only 200w. That would mean it has to comply with Australian Design Rules to be registerable and the rider would need to be licensed.

Yes not legal in Australia yet and the same in most countries but most are looking to update road rules to allow more creativity in personal transport devices. The YikeBike is road legal in Belgium for example because of their progress laws.

As you redesign for production, can you find a way to design in fold-down foot pedals for the time when your battery runs down in some "'out of the way place" where battery charging is not available? Or when there may be some sort of electrical failure?

Pedal versions may be available in the future - check out

Do you have any planned event participation? I found this one just randomly and there must be hundreds in a year:
Houston has a massive art car parade in which you could get wide exposure in the heart of the energy empire!

How does this remarkable innovation fare on those inclines? Will I simply need to fold it up and carry it up those inclines like Seattle or SF? Looks like it would do particularly well for Chicago.

My 10 year old just asked if he could get one --- he said he is okay waiting for the next 5-10 years without another present! : )
He will be excited for the less expensive versions!
Way to go!!!

I pray that all of you buy a helmet and use it religiously. You can fix a broken bone ,but the brain cannot be repaired!!!!
Why isn`t it recommended? No one in the video has one- so sad .

The counties we are selling in cyclists typically don't wear helmets and the serious accident rate is far lower than countries wear helmets are compulsory. As unlikely as it sounds "there is an active scientific debate, with no consensus, on whether helmets are useful for cyclists"

For more information also see this link

We encourage you to use a helmet where ever you do not feel safe on the roads.

I see from the video you abandoned pedals for compactness. I wonder if you brought them back with some gearing system the range would be extended. Granted it wouldn't be compact, but I think as it is, this is more a sit down Segway than a bicycle. But I commend you for innovative engineering!

I love your Yike bike!! Can't wait for it to show up in the US. Great Job!!

AWESOME BIKE!... love to see it in the states.

We used to live in Auckland, so I know how perfect this bike can be, getting around town. Looks like a beautiful ride. I just wanted to say I hope to see them in the U.S soon, and I wish you every success, Grant! I also loved to see Christchurch in the video--it made me a bit homesick for my New Zealand. :-) I love my Kiwis.

I'm a 67 year-old ex-firefighter who would LOVE to have one of your beautifully designed vehicles. It's just that the price is a bit out of my range although I'm still tempted. I spend time in New Zealand every year. would it be possible, if I get to Christchurch, to get a test ride? Your creation has unlimited potential and your extensive testing and videos prove to me that it just as safe or safer than an ordinary bicycle.

As a proud one-eyed ex-pat Cantabrian living in Boulder Colorado I am really excited about your Yike Bike!!!
Hope that you make it here on your US trip as Boulder is a University town which is very ecologically aware and students use bicycles lots.
I have to say I also enjoyed seeing dear old ChCh in the video!
All the very Best on all your endeavors.

New York City is a perfect place to launch in the US--it's flat, the city is adding tons of new separated bike lanes much like in Europe, and most people commute using some form of public transportation. Bicycle use is exploding here with the new lanes, and there are already tons of e-bikes and folders on the road. Also, it's flat, and destinations are relatively close together. In addition, we have tons of wealthy people who will spend any amount of money to have the coolest new thing, and green is the new black. Plus, it is the media capital of the US, so it would be great exposure for your product.

Looks awesome! Best of luck with it!

What kind of battery does your bike use?

We use Lithium Phosphate batteries that charge in 30 minutes and we have tested to over 1000 charges and discharges (still 70% capacity).

1. I am concerned for your world-wide patent. Watch out for this, k.

2. I'd try and fit a bit better price point as many others have said in above comments, Yes, I would agree you'd sacrifice weight, etc, but a $2850.00 USD mark would sell alot faster and have a more broader market reach. Sales is all about exclusivity and Sales VOLUME. Perhaps a larger 2nd version ?

3. I'd have to agree with the others as well, sacrifice a bit of the Ultra-lite for a better run-time. Again, This would reach out to more consumers and Sales VOLUME.

4. So to wrap up, keep the price point down under 3K USD, add a longer battery life and promote GREE-POWER rather than the Ultralite, you'll see a more enhanced interests and ultimately more sales.

Hey just one man's thoughts. Whatever happens, this is certainly one awesome eviro DYNO-BIKE!

Cheers! from Canada.


There will be less expensive versions eventually and we will also offer range extenders. Cheers

What a neat invention! I live near a major California University where bicycles are heavily used by students and faculty to go between classes, dorms/housing and the local community. Though its expensive now, its still in the same price range as a junker car and with no gas bills! I can see this catching on at larger college and univeristy campuses, ecspecially if the price drops! Good Luck!

What is a girl to do if she wants to go shopping or has to carry her purse on the bike. Is there any way you could make a carry-pouch which can be attached to the bike or a snap-on covered container that is removable as well when it gets folded up????

We find a small back pack is fine for most things. Not really designed for taking much larger loads though be may look at some of these additions in the future.

Hi. What a fantastic product, and a great idea! I was just wondering whether you have considered regenerative braking (where the battery can be charged when braking)?

The YikeBike already has regenerative braking :-)

Great job! Best new invention I have seen in years! Can't wait to see them in the USA. Better yet, they would be great to take on vacations too!

Outstanding design, great product. Hopefully some add on batteries can be offered to extend range.

Yes this is on the development list but it is designed for short trips and can be charged anywhere because of its small size.

First off, let me say that this is a fantastic product and I'd love to have one. Now for the nagging: I worked in the bike industry for many years and I can tell you that I have seen first-hand how helmets can save lives. Could you PLEASE show at least one picture or video of someone wearing a helmet? It's hard enough getting riders to think responsibly about bicycle safety, it would be great if your promotional pieces could help set the right tone.

The counties we are selling in cyclists typically don't wear helmets and the serious accident rate is far lower than countries wear helmets are compulsory. As unlikely as it sounds "there is an active scientific debate, with no consensus, on whether helmets are useful for cyclists"

We encourage you to use a helmet where ever you do not feel safe on the roads.

Great design, great looking bike, looks like lots of fun, a couple of problems though:
1. Price - wooooow, hectic, too pricey for my taste - pity, perhaps this can be sorted by changing construction materials as suggested by someone else.
2. Battery life - 10km won't get me too far, would need it to take me at least 20km, preferably more.
3. Area to use - I live in South Africa and the roads are too hectic with cars and taxi's to use one of these to commute on, will be great as a fun bicycle alternative for fun though.

Overall - definately something worth watching as it develops - congrats and getting this far, I wish you everything of the best for when you launch onto the market.

There will be cheaper versions eventually but the economics still work for many. Also see

We will offer additional battery packs but it is designed for short journeys

Mainly suited for European cities with good cycle networks

Private pilots would kill for a YikeBike. Parking at airports for private aircraft involves walking for considerable distances. Working on the airplanes means that a mechanic has to walk about half a mile round trip because he forgot the right size cotter pin. The bike could use a small luggage rack capable of about 10 kg. Some sort of hanging hook gizmo would do. Enough to carry an overnight bag. Be sure that a bag suspended from it wouldn't bounce off in normal operation.

Sporty's Pilot Shop would be a good retail outlet; for the internet. Nevermind the $4500 price point, either. The person who can afford a $200K airplane won't be bellyaching about it.

The very first thing that came to mind when I saw this is how well it would fit in even a small plane. I have a Cessna 152 (small plane for 2 people) and it would still fit fine. Would be great when I need to go into town for a bite to eat or stay the night somewhere. The price is a bit steep right now.. but I'm assuming it would come down after a while. I think that most pilots who fly a 200,000.00 USD plus airplane are probably just going to rent a car. There are lots of pilots flying MUCH cheaper airplanes. Many less than 50,000 USD.

I think it would be great for people who rent planes, or the ones who can't afford to rent a car because of their plane payments! (PS - I like the Cessna 152.)

I would love to test drive this vehicle. You stated that the Yike bike will be available in the United States next year. Do you know what city or cities that you and your team will demonstrate the Yike bike?

Not sure on which cities we will be visiting and when but will let you know.

Not practical in snow or other bad weather. In a nice urban climate it is practical. Nice Engineering.

What a pile of doo – doo? Not even Yike… I understand that may be it is good for town in New Zealand. I don’t live there. I drive to work 40 miles one way. And no there are no trains busses or subways go there or back. Of cause I can find little local connectors, and that will take me to get to work 3-4 hours and 4-5 hours back to home. Should I have my own life? Then imagine you have a family, more then one person, and some kids. Are you put them all on a bikes, even they are little 3-4 years babies? What will your wife tells you? And you will have to bring them to the kinder garden in the morning and pick them up at the evening. So, should I do that on this bike?
Sure, great product. But there are already so many that kind of products, similar to that one, that no one actually need. Why don’t we just try to push one more. After all it is also green like all the other.
May I ask, and where is you brains, seriously?

No vehicle suits all of the population. Surely you can see that although this isn't suited to your personal needs, most of the carbon emissions are caused by single people driving in big cities to and from work. Oh, going by your spelling you won't understand the terms - carbon or emissions! It means dirty smog!
At no point does the very clever inventor suggest his bike is suited for transporting babies or families. It is designed for one person on short trips to avoid traffic jams and prevent polution. Can I also suggest that if you want credibility, put your brain into gear and THINK before your criticise. Oh, and have your heard of spell-check?
Congratulations Yike Bike team, very impressive! Don't be discouraged by ignorant criticism from the likes of this guy (Seriously, should he even be breeding? Charles Darwin would be mortified!!!)

I think the above writer needs me to show them the way.... I would buy one for my 10, 12, and 17 year old daughters, as well as my wife.... I live in Carlsbad, CA, in North San Diego County, where everything is close, sunny, with relatively few hills, and the rain is about 3 weeks a year. I could see myself traveling around the neighborhood, 1/2 mile to the beach, up to 7 miles North or South, to the store, to a sports pub, to a friend's house, to my daughter's 3 schools, for their basketball games, or baseball games, after school, or to the local Jamba Juice to get them all a smoothie, or to Costco, to play basketball, or to pick up a 12 pack of Corona, or to go fishing in the surf or the bay, to watch the sunset, to get donuts and coffee at any number of donut shops, onto the bus, where, at 60, I can ride, round trip, 35 miles, for $2,25 per day, but once there, need to get around to my actual destination... I'd even be able to take it to Del Mar Race Track, on the bus, and to the gate, about 1.5 miles from the bus stop, orrrr, to ride to the double~decker bus site, and take the bus to the gate, then ride around watching the horses work out in the early morning, and, if I missed my double~decker bus, after the last race, I might cruise over to a local pub to wind down, count my winnings, and await all the traffic clearing out, so I could catch the bus on home.... There are lockers at the track, and at the bus station, and there are chargers available free, everywhere.... There is probably a credit, all over California, too, to cut the price in half, because the 'green' capabilities are 'looking' for projects to spend $$'s on.... I know if I bought the new natural powered Honda Accord, I get $9,000 back immediately, appliable to the pumping unit I'd need at home to refill it directly from my kitchen stove, gas line(a fill is $6, by the way, or $ .50 a gallon, to go 240 miles, @24 MPG~~to the Bay Area and back for $12~15.00/500 miles!!). NICE INVENTION!! COULD I REP THIS PRODUCT FOR YOU IN SO. CAL, or the SD Area?? Lots of ideas!! Mike D.
PS: The above writer is a 'confirmed pessimist', and needs the hour drive each day to keep his or her salty attitude in tact~~

No one ever suggested that the yike is the perfect solution for all drivers in all situations!Just because it is not that does not mean it is a great product for those situations where it is appropriate, though (e.g., when you'd ride a bike if the distance weren't a little too far, or when you have additional travel on both ends of a bus or train ride). Why be so grumpy (and so rude) about someone offering a product that is at least useful and environmentally sensible, when there are so many products being marketed as "must have" that are neither?

And Mr Alexk ( or Mr Whiner in my book) If you not in the market for this item then why the comment at all? Go deal with your life.....I think this is a wonderful product and I would love to help sell it here in Washington State. Let me know if you go the franchise and dealership route and I'll get behind you 100%. This invention shows real initiative and forward thinking and I say Bravo!

Seriously, if it doesn't fit into your particular lifestyle, DON'T BUY ONE! Be a little more visionary and step out of your shell. This product is great for people who need a lightweight, compact source of transportation such as boat owners, aircraft owners, and those who travel.

The internet is a wonderful thing - thanks for sharing your thoughts

WOW. great green product. The Yike Bike would be well received in the USA, especially in Eugene,Oregon, where biking and living green is a way of life around here.

What a brilliant invention. Would love to have a go. Best of luck with the Yike Bike :)

I'm wondering what gradient of incline and distance will the Yike bike handle.
Take San Fransisco or Seattle for example.

This test video shows some hill testing. We are still finalising the production version and will let you know the specifications when finalized. It will be better than most electric bikes given the 1 kW motor. 

Are there any opportunities to market & distribute your units in Canada ?

Given the opportunity, I wud love to test one out. I agree with "possibilities galore", this wud be fabulous for transport to work; so that I don't arrive all hot and sweaty. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for test yike bikers!

What a fabulous invention.

It would be great for (car-less) holiday tourist spots, like Rottnest Island (WA) or Norfolk Island (NSW). Or how about a noiseless Yike Bike in Western Plains Zoo (Dubbo NSW); and have your own seat to lean on when tired. You could have a little slot to pop in a collapsible shade umbrella.
And how about an optional extra clip-on accessory of 'trainer wheels' so the emerging elderly could use the bike, and then use the extra wheels to pull it along instead of carrying it, when not in use. ( sorry, I'm being selfish here )

Think of the potential in Asia's high pollution, high vehicle density cities.

Go Grant! We need more people like you ... keep it up!

Wow...what a great idea! The only concern I have is with the weight forward concept and the potential of a headlong launch from a pothole or other larger-than-a-pancake obstacle. Can you shed some light on this issue for me?

Check out this test video where we go through pot holes etc. Because of the large front wheel the performance on bumps is remarkably good. 

this is a wonderful invention!
How will it get parts/service in the U.S.?

We have yet to set up service centres in the the US which is why we are not selling there yet. Because the YikeBike is so small we will be doing the service via courier so our experts can look after you. Will let you know when we are set up for this in the US but it is not likely until next year.

This sounds like just the thing we need here in the U.S. Can't wait for it to be offered over here!

Another market is for those who cruise in (or even live aboard) their boats. When you get to the dock of a new city/town/port how do you get to stores/restaurants/attractions. Space and weight are always at a premium on a boat. The YikeBike would be ideal.

Length of a charge for a 200 pound person @ 20deg c on flat land or inside a plant? (segway alternative)
When do you expect to have a dealer network to your friends in Canada?
What & who are the requirements to have a dealer to your friends in Canada? (up front costs?)


Steve Skinner

Charge should last about 10 km or 25 minutes. We are likely to offer additional battery packs for those with larger requirements.

Not sure when we will be able to sell in Canada and the US but probably not until next year.

hey there.. great idea!, id love to give it a test in a canadian winter!

A brilliant piece of work, but the 3500 Euro price tag may place it out of reach for many. It appears to be of hand-laid carbon-resin construction. I'm wondering if thermoformed thermoplastic-carbon composite could reduce cost and increase production capacity. Energy visionary Amory Lovins' conceptual Hypercar would use this material.

when will they be available in the US & conversion to US dollars? thx p2

We are not likely to be selling in the US until next year and have yet to determine the price but it will be around 4500 US$.

I am impressed with" YIKE", in the future can increased distances be accomplished? How does do on hill roads?, Could it be used in off road travel? I wish all the Luck and I hope you will consider sales in the US !
Best Regards, Linn Turner

Check out our hill test video. We are likely to offer a range extender pack before too long.

Brilliant engineering, really beautiful needs to cost less and go further. Essentially after thiry minutes this thing becomes a paperweight. Might be okay for a very short commute to work but for a traveler who is wanting to spend a day sightseeing in a city this would not work very well.

What an innovative idea!! I am a spouse of a soldier and we are often stationed at overseas locations. We are limited to bringing only one car (if that) and always have our regular bicycles in tow on our moves. Having one of these in the family would eliminate the need (make that desire) for a second vehicle. We can survive with one vehicle but it is not ideal. Whomever rides their bike to work arrives sweaty :o(. While I would never agree to give up my regular bicycle for it's versatility and bonus of added exercise, I would opt for this to get to/from work. I especially like the fact that I am not drawn to it for my teens - they can ride their bikes to.from their school or sporting events and not get lazy on us!! If you would ever like a contact in a military community (USA type) to market these - please let me know - this would be wonderful for those folks to use at overseas duty stations in Asia and Europe) and also verious bases in the US.

Bravo for your creativity and desire to help mobility in a 'green' fashion.


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