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Why is the range so small? 9-10 km is rubbish compared to other e-bikes!

The YikeBike is not an entire transport solution – it doesn’t fly or go under water either….. It is designed for all those small journeys that are too far away to walk yet too much of a hassle to use a car or large bike. If you need to go 15-30 km it makes sense to use something faster and bigger. The key thing you can do with a YikeBike that you can’t do as easily with anything else is take it with you on the car or train to give you more freedom at either end and store it under your desk or in a cupboard.

To make the YikeBike truly useful it needs to be light and small not have kilograms of batteries weighing it down. One of the reasons a large range is a selling point for normal electric bikes is that once the bike is 25-35 kgs it vastly reduces your opportunities to charge it so you need a big battery. It is too big and heavy to take into work so you need the range to go back to and from work on one charge. Similarly it is difficult to get your bike to a plug at your apartment so you don’t want to do it too often (same with lugging a heavy battery pack). The YikeBike is small and light enough with super fast charging so you can take it anywhere you would a laptop and plug it in. Worst case you stop for a coffee and charge it up on a longer journey.

With a 9-10 km range that lasts for about half an hour and a charge in between it means the range is enough for you to spend about an hour a day on it. We’d be surprised if people want to do more than that....if you do then you really will want a different device (normal bike, e-bike, car or train). Having said that from an early stage we have made room for those who want to triple the range with another 3 kg of battery and if there is the demand we may offer that option.

Update - extender batter pack  now available to increase range up to 40 km!

On a different note - below are a few videos from our launch in Germany


Please make a bigger internal battery version, I live in Japan and this would be perfect, I will purchase one when you have made the larger battery. Please email me when you have it made.

You can now increase the range of your YikeBike up to 40 km 

Amazing idea and wonderfull design ...
Loved New-Zealand for the landscapes but now for the ingenious people of the island ...
You said : "The YikeBike is not an entire transport solution " ...well, not really sure of that ...if you find a way to increase the range like most electric bikes it will certainly be a wonderfull entire transport...I know the weight of batteries is still a problem but who knows in the near future ...
My goal ? well a tour of New-Zealand on a YikeBike ...

Well done ...

I'd love it being able to support a higher weight rating, so if greater structural strength also enabled more battery power, then I'd be willing to consider that whole modified package. Anything up to 25lbs/11kgs is pretty easy to carry, and heavier could have a package that rolled.

But for those who think you aren't burning enough calories, that may be true, but I can also see that you need a decent amount of inner thigh and abdominal tension to maintain the proper balanced position.

Good luck.

Why not aim more at the SE Asian market (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, etc)? Here there are lots of people riding bikes and scooters who are naturally having to deal with congestion, theft of bikes, maintenance and gas bills, and portability, and are also attracted to new electronic gadgets. Tom.

Good suggestion and certainly something we are keen to do eventually. Have a look at where some of these ideas are listed.

Does the yikebike have gearing on the inside of the front wheel rim, and if so, what did you do with the tyre valve?(My brother had a home made, briggs and stratton powered unicycle, and they had to get creative with the valve)

Yes we have had to get creative with the valve because of the hubless front wheel with gears. The YikeBike will come with a special adapter to make it easy to access the valve

Contrary to other things like Segway, Yike design seems to make it possible to allow the driver to help the battery with his legs and muscles (and pedals). Is that under consideration?

Yes it is under consideration - check out Our first prototypes were pedal only but we went electric to make it smaller lighter and safer

This model has the most beautiful design I ever saw for a bike and also it is the most stupid idea for someone who REALLY uses a bicicle!! The hands cannot be behind your body while using a bike! Hello designers !!! This is simple; test the use of an ordinary bike and this one in 30 people and ask about what model is more easy to move!!!

We have tested with hundreds of people and can confidently say it is easier to learn to ride than a normal bike. Most people take days/weeks to learn to ride a bike (most have forgotten that they had to learn) but it only takes a few minutes to learn to ride the YikeBike. Check out our test video to see just how stable it is

Your product is wonderful! Now if only it were a little more affordable for the layman. Now that I've seen the bike being road tested, how about crash tested? I'm the kind of person who needs to see it to believe it. It would be a waste to find out that such a wonderful (but expensive piece of equipment) is not durable enough to last a number of years. What about maintenance? Will you be providing any tools to help with the bike's maintenance?

We have an extensive test program that is going over every part of durability to ensure the YikeBike lasts as expected. We will offer a very high level of service as part of the purchase. One of the reasons we are not launching in more countries despite the demand is that we want to be able to guarantee a very high level of service. There is a lot less maintenance than a normal bike because there are no chains, cables, gear box, brake pads etc.

it's very good bike in modern's more than lunching the bikes in u r company i hope u.
all the best

Travel Gear: New YikeBike is the modern Penny-Farthing/Scooter


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