Warning – the YikeBike is not like a bicycle so you must comply with the following to avoid the risk of injury or death:

  • You will need to learn how to ride.  Just like learning to ride a bike or drive a car it takes practice – see instructions here
  • Never use the YikeBike on steep hills (over 5 degrees) and only go slowly down hill.
  • The brake is different to bicycle brakes and you need to become familiar with it. Because of the short wheel base the brake is not as aggressive as a normal bike and is specially designed to be anti-skid.  It is not designed for steep hills.
  • The  total weight of the rider and backpack must not exceed 100kg (220lbs) and the rider height must be between 155cm (5 foot 3 inches) and 195 cm (6 foot 4 inches)
  • Do not overcharge the YikeBike. When fully charged please refrain from excessive downhill braking as this could over-charge the battery and cause the YikeBike to shut down or malfunction.
  • Do not ride on surfaces when the wheel or pedals could get caught (e.g. on train/tram  tracks, or into steep curbs).
  • Do not ride with no hands.
  • Do not wear clothes or bags that will interfere with the YikeBikes steering ability e.g. bags that hang low over your back that can get caught between the seat and steering.
  • Always wear a cycling helmet which meets the latest safety standards applicable in your region for YikeBike usage.
  • Never operate the YikeBike if the frame, wheels or quick release levers are damaged and always make sure latches are done up correctly (see video)
  • If your local laws allow the use of the YikeBike on roads and bike paths, only do so after you are proficient enough to ride safely amongst traffic
  • Ensure correct inflation pressure for your tires as indicated on the tire sidewall - tire pressure 65 - 75 psi.
  • Ensure you can practice in a wide open space away from pedestrians and traffic e.g. vacant car park, with the owner’s permission.
  • Ensure correct maintenance of your YikeBike, this will greatly increase riding safety and performance.
  • Do not place forceful downward pressure on the handle bars as they may break causing injury or death. The handle bars on the YikeBike are for steering and general balance and will not support your full weight.
  • Do not  wear high heeled shoes, particularly when learning to ride as you will need to step off the front
  • Not recommended for use on snow and ice
  • Obey all local and national traffic, insurance, registration, and helmet laws, including not driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

See user manual here for complete instructions here