Introducing YikeBike,  a unique combination of artistry, innovative design & engineering. TIME Magazine awards the future thinking of a New Zealand designed and built Product. YikeBike propels us into the future of personal transport fusing technological advances in electronic componentry and state-of-the-art tailor-made hardware.

We have created the most versatile bike on the planet and YikeBike is leading the market with a special edition release but stocks are limited.

Rise to the YikeBike challenge, learn to pilot this modern vehicle and be part of the elite, most fashion-forward thinking group in the world.



The fundamental difference between a simple invention and a true innovation, is the provision of a solution to a problem, creating a showpiece that is a force of cultural change. The dedication and passion to create the YikeBike is a perfect amalgamation of engineering and art - a unique solution, a black swan.

With this paradigm shift in portability, safety and rapid folding; there is now something better - electric drive technology giving more power, more control, and more freedom.



There are limited editions of the YikeBike available, creating a exclusive membership to a new category of personal transport. Our key resale partners are selected to ensure you have the best ongoing relationship with your YikeBike and also to create a network of connected like-minded professionals.

With two distinct models, there is a solution to meet your unique lifestyle:

The Carbon fulfills the vision of prestigious premium product, with its construction of high-end materials allowing for optimum weight benefits.

The Fusion is set at a price point that allows all customers to instantly enjoy all the benefits that YikeBike offers.



Each YikeBike is designed and individually assembled by hand in Christchurch, New Zealand, a culmination of a devotion to design and uncompromised manufacturing quality.

The distinctive look, permanent lighting and upright rider position offers safety and instant recognisability – you will stand out from the crowd and the aspiration to others.



Recognition from TIME magazine, the Guinness World Records and numerous international design awards ensures the owners are recognised as forward thinkers, innovators and the envy of your peers.

Small batch special editions, including our Fusion and Carbon models, have been released in 2012 and 2013. The YikeBike's stature can now been seen in leading cities around the world - our innovation and originality is a symbol of progress and new world design. 

The fashion statement is truly unprecedented, lead the way on your YikeBike as an extension of your personality.