Case Studies

A piece of engineered art

Kim Gilkison, Operations Manager and Director at ITL Engineering, New Plymouth, NZ

The Yikebike came to my attention through word of mouth, and when I looked a bit further into exactly what it was and how it worked, it really intrigued me. I decided it would be the perfect accessory for our office. 

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Standing out from the crowd

Bobby Tiedeken, Marketing Director of GrayHair Software, New Jersey – USA



Our CEO was looking for an alternative vehicle we could use for promotion at tradeshows, and found the YikeBike on the new and emerging technology news website - We originally bought two of them, with one of them especially customised for us with our logo, and the other as a prize to give away at the end of National Postal Forum (NPF)....



My perfect urban vehicle

Shannon Jeory, Architect, Auckland, 46 years old

I used to bike to work but after the arrival of children I didn’t have the extra time needed to shower and change each day at work. So I started using the bus but when my route changed I had to use my car, and soon the Auckland traffic and parking was driving me insane! The YikeBike jumped out at me one day when cycling enthusiast friends showed me the Yikebike on the cover of TIME magazine, it seemed perfect. Just the solution I was looking for.....



Leading electric vehicle integrator 

YikeBike Partner Case Study

Singapore-based evHUB houses one of the world’s best E-mobility concept stores where customers can test-drive and take home some of the world’s sleekest electric vehicles.

evHUB was established as a collaborative research and development centre for electric vehicles in Singapore and serves as a hotbed for innovative research on green sustainable transport solutions, consumer response, environmental impact and electric vehicle technology. 

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Matt Edwards, Program Manager at a Consumer Electronics Company, Half Moon Bay (California)

When I first found out about the YikeBike I was like “This is the coolest thing ever, why don’t people know about this?” My Dad found the YikeBike initially. He is an early adopter and into emerging technology. I convinced him to get one so he could ride around around between buildings at work, then he moved to a different job where it was no longer needed, so I bought it off him.

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