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YikeBike - Guinness Book of World Records’ Most Compact Bike - Gets Half kg Lighter and Gains 50% More RangeJuly 18, 2013

Multiple Award-Winning YikeBike Doubles Production in 2012, and Predicts Even Higher Projections for 2013 Due to Strong Consumer Demand^ 

Christchurch, New Zealand – April 10, 2013 – YikeBike Ltd., creators of the world’s smallest and lightest folding electric bicycle, today announced that it has expanded its YikeBike line in order to provide consumers with a variety of YikeBike models and prices that meet their specific budgets.  In addition, based on consumer demand, the company improved all three YikeBike models by increasing the range by 50% (up to 15km/9mile from 10km/6mile) and making each model half a kg (1.1 pound) lighter.




“The extra range and lower weight of the latest models means even more freedom to explore urban environments,” says YikeBike CEO, Grant Ryan. “We continue our commitment to make practical and beautifully designed products to solve the last mile transport problem.”


International Transport expert, Mike Hanlon, from Gizmag features the YikeBike in his latest article where he looks into the Transport Appliance market which is being pursued by most car manufacturers in the world and he concluded that “The YikeBike still leads the pack”. 

The most promising of all of these new transportation devices though, is already on the market and getting better all the time.” – Mike Hanlon, Gizmag

The main difference between the three YikeBike models is weight and price:

  • YikeBike Carbon - Made completely from carbon fiber and weighing just 11.2 kg, the YikeBike Carbon is the lightest folding electric bike in the world. U.S Price: $3,995;
  • YikeBike Synergy - This bike is part carbon, weighing 12.7 kg. U.S. Price: $2,995;
  • YikeBike Fusion - Primarily made from aluminum, this bike weighs 14 kg. U.S. Price: $1995

These new videos show the new YikeBikes in action:

How easy it is to ride a YikeBike?

YikeBike commuting on the ferry

Replacing the car with a YikeBike 

Since its creation, the YikeBike has received numerous international accolades. Most notably, YikeBike was ranked 15th among the 50 Best inventions by Time Magazine. It was also listed among WIPO’s most notable inventions next to the likes of BlackBerry, Google, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), SpaceShip One, Viagra, and an anti-HIV vaccine. The YikeBike was also enshrined in The 2011 Guinness Book of World Records as the lightest and smallest compact electric bike in the world. YikeBike was honoured and thrilled to be selected as one of the five finalists in the Transportation category at the 2012 Katerva Awards.

“We have doubled production this last year and now have a network of 65 dealers in 39 countries” continued Mr. Ryan. We expect to continue our expansion and increase production once again this year.”

About YikeBike Ltd.:  YikeBike develops and manufactures the smallest, lightest, folding electric bikes in the world. The result of five years of research and development, YikeBike combines exceptional performance, design and safety with economy, convenience and portability. YikeBike is backed by the two largest venture capital firms in New Zealand, Pioneer Capital Partners and K1W1, and the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. For more or to purchase a YikeBike, please visit


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