Where can I legally ride the YikeBike?


The YikeBike is different from other vehicles and we do not know how countries and local authorities will classify it in terms of legislation, licensing, insurance, and helmet laws. You can ride the YikeBike on private property. Whether you could also ride it on public streets or bikepaths or footpaths remains to be seen, and if you choose to do so it is at your own risk. We have designed the YikeBike to be safer than a bicycle - with anti-skid braking, speed limited to 23 kpm, turn-signals, and upright riding position, so our hope is that authorities will recognize the inherent safety and classify the YikeBike as a bicycle or e-bike. If you agree, please make your voice heard with your local or national authorities.

For more on why we chose to make the YikeBike safe rather than road legal see this blog post