Owner feedback



“We haven't stopped riding them!!!  They are a great fun to use.
Thank you so much."

Sergio Gandara

 Google Inc







David Chou


 Yes, I’m absolutely happy with the bike. I kept smiling all the time during my first rides!

 Thank you for such a great product!


Czech Republic

“I am having a great time riding my YikeBike as it works well in our City of North Vancouver urban environment. Being so portable, the YikeBike is easily used with our public transit system of buses, SeaBus and SkyTrain to get me around our Metro Vancouver region. It is certainly turning a lot of heads and I feel like a celebrity whenever I stop. Riding the YikeBike fits into my philosophy of being more sustainable and reducing my carbon footprint.”

Mayor Darrell Mussatto

City of North Vancouver

Why my YikeBike is SAFER than my ”bike” bike

Wayne Sander has wrote a very interesting piece sharing his ideas on why he feels
safer on his YikeBike than his street bike. Click here to read


“I would like to thank the designer and team for making such a beautiful product. I love my YikeBike I think it is the first two in India. Thank you guys keep up the good work.”





“Three weeks ago I received my YikeBike and I can only say "amazing". After about two or three hours of practice, you start to enjoy it and would like it never ends the battery.

Today I made my first tour of my town Barcelona in Spain, has been a very pleasant experience and I could drive about 10 km, until the battery is over. My Yikebe is as I expected. Congratulations on making a product as innovative and effective”



“In the first seconds I felt confident and safe on my first test drive.  It is so spectacular that the people that I rode past were amazed; I could see it in their faces.”

Ignacio Payá


 “...it is inherently safe; it has excited great interest wherever it has been seen....it is a spectacular piece of design, beautifully made.  Congratulations”




 “The YikeBike is amazing!!!!... I must say is not easy to ride but after few minutes it's fantastic.”



 “I have been loving my new bike. I am AMAZED at how well it handles in hard pack snow.”



"I ordered the bike December 9th, upon first notification
it was for sale in the US... and it arrived December 13....

you know what, it’s a lot more fun than the Harley”

Wayne Sander   


 “I've been riding it for 40 hrs. and I'm still madly in love with it!!!!!”

Ali Kaabi


“first of all (after riding about 15 minutes) I just love that bike....
I thought it
would be harder but it aint as difficult, after less then 2 minutes

I could run circles on a 50x20m space easely, this thing rocks!!!


Werner Schneider


“an amazing invention”

 Grant Dalton

New Zealand

“+ fun to ride + quick to fold/unfold + good looks + light weight”

 Thomas Wernitz


 “It's seriously cool”

Phil Mcaw

New Zealand 

“It’s a wonderful sense of freedom and it is very
manoeuvrable and looks, may I say, gorgeous,”

 Rod Oram

New Zealand

“You and your team have done a great Job
to make this world Green with the YikeBike”

 Adam Sung


“In our 10 years of business they are definitely the coolest thing we’ve purchased”

 Sue and Graham

Hairy Lemon. New Zealand

“I LOVED it - I ADORED it - it was so MUCH FUN!!!!
even though I was a bit wibbly wobbly for a couple of minutes

it was FABULOUS!!!  Congratulations - utterly divine!”

Tricia Munro 

New Zealand

“Ya tengo mi YIKEBIKE VIN 65/2010. Estoy realmente impresionado por el vehículo. Esta realmente bien diseñado y fabricado. Los materiales son muy buenos y los acabados excelentes. (I am very happy with the YikeBike, all are fantastic, materials, finishings, presentation...) Mis felicitaciones a Grant y a todo el equipo.(Congratulations to Grant and all the team).”

 Jesus Pazos Galocha