Undignified, complicated, inefficient, expensive and distasteful

By May 15, 2012General

“Undignified riding position,” “overly complicated,” “intolerably inefficient,” “expensive,” “nothing more than a passing fancy,” “no chance of success,” “distasteful”…interestingly these criticisms are about what we now call a normal bicycle on its introduction in 1885 (“Bicycle – The History”, by David Herlihy).




A criticism you may read on some blogs about the YikeBike is that some think the riding position looks wrong, stupid or ridiculous.


The main reason people think it looks weird is that they are not used to seeing something different. Interesting to note that while there are a number of comments about how unstable the YikeBike looks none of them are from the hundreds of people who have actually ridden it. Yes, in our promotional video it looks a bit shaky at times because for complicated reasons we didn’t have our best YikeBike ready for the day we had to shoot. Check out the latest test video above to see how stable it actually is over all sorts of terrain.