Why early adopters rock

By May 15, 2014General

This may seem a little off topic but it is a bit of an explanation of why early adopters that take a punt on new technologies play such a vital role in a modern economy.


At a macro level economic growth is reliant on technological progress. The only way to grow the economy is for us to all work harder (yuck) or get more productive. This increase in productivity is made possible by new technologies.


At a micro level any new technology is inherently expensive because it typically uses leading edge materials and processes that have yet to benefit from mass manufacture. The way these new technologies make it to mass manufacture is for early adopters to buy them and love them. Early adopters make it possible to get to the step of mass manufacture where everyone can benefit from new innovations.


So by being an early adopter not only do you help accelerate the collective progress of society but you also get to own all the cool new stuff first 🙂